5th września 2016

Tips to warm you and your home (not the planet)

Keeping snug inside can make autumn a little more costly for you and also our beautiful planet. We’ve teamed up with Do Nation (a social enterprise) to suggest some simple tips to keep your bills down and protect our planet this autumn.

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2nd kwietnia 2015

Pukka becomes carbon neutral

Carbon neutrality is a massive undertaking, but hugely important for people, plants and planet. We’ve made some progress and we want to make more – with your help we really can make a positive change for all of us.

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2nd marca 2015

Switch off the lights and sleep with Pukka

As the climax to our Sleep campaign, Pukka is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour 2015 initiative. Last year the global lights out for our planet campaign involved a record 162 countries across the world with over 9 million people in the UK taking part.

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9th lipca 2014

India; our herbal kingdom

Pukka’s herbal journey began in India more than 10 years ago; and to this day this magnificent, mind-stirring country remains one of our most important suppliers of Ayurveda herbs.

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